Why we might be able to help you?

Our truck fleet comprised of vehicles, class Euro 6 (production year 2015/2020) and drivers with experience of more than 20 years on average, speak for themselves when issues of professionalism and reliability are being touched. Our management staff includes people with solid education and specific industry knowledge; people who have come across and resolved virtually any problem within the transport area.

Where is our competitive advantage coming from?

Ever since becoming part of the EU, Bulgarian transport companies have been successfully operating across the continent. What makes them competitive is their ability to leverage on low cost local factors of production, which enable the companies to offer prices that can not be matched elsewhere. MOST 81 is particularly competitive because of its capability to benefit from the low costs while not compromise on quality, an indicator for which is our long and productive cooperation with leading European manufacturing and logistic companies. Growing for more than twenty years, we have reached the perfect size – big enough to address any need you might have; small enough to regard any client as one of huge importance and find a tailor made solution for its problems.

Another proof for the trust we have been accumulating within the industry is our ever increasing turnover, forecasted to reach 2 million euros in 2011.

This is our fifth year in Timocom freight exchange. Why is that important?

Timocom is widely recognized as the most used electronic marketplace for transport in Europe. What makes Timocom successful is its ability to make members abide by its strict rules, by removing from the system those companies which do not fulfill their contracts dutifully. Being in Timocom for almost 5 years is an indicator for reliability and continuous solid performance.
“Timocom is the market leader among freight exchanges”
Verkehrsrundschau Journal, May 2010


Our founder Ognyan Pamukliyski has been delivering goods across Europe since 1976. In 1990 he started his own truck transport company MOST 81 and was later joined by his sons in what has become a success story within the industry in Bulgaria. The company has been expanding ever since in terms of operations, fleet and above all skills.

Management Team

Milan Pamukliyski - General and Financial Manager, joined 1997

  • Financial operations/strategic planning
  • Law school graduate

Stefan Pamukliyski - Director of Truck Fleet, joined 1997

  • Truck fleet management
  • Technical graduate